The quality objective of Sarah's Snacks is to generate and ensure customer and consumer satisfaction by the provision of safe, wholesome and consistent products which comply with statutory requirements and agreed specifications. The commitment to quality extends from the Managing Director and Management to Production Staff. Quality assurance is achieved by strict adherence to an overall quality plan.

Our Quality Policy includes:

Great importance is attached to the achievement and maintenance of the highest standards of hygiene within our factory. Employees including engineering staff, receive training on hygiene practices on a continuing basis. Product microbiological safety is assured by using Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point techniques supported by routine independent microbiological testing. A full system of raw material and batch traceability is in force.

Products, processes and procedures adhere to all aspects of relevant UK and EC legislation and the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice. Regular information regarding food safety issues and legislative developments will be sought and relevant Industry Codes of Practice will be used as reference aids.

Raw materials and finished products have specifications that are adhered to and regularly reviewed. Production staff receive regular training and refresher training on the manufacturing process and finished product specifications. All members of staff have a responsibility to reject any product that does not conform to our standards.

Internal systems and procedures are independently audited on a regular basis. Any agreed corrective action is acted upon within the shortest possible time.

All complaints are recorded, investigated and responded to. Remedial action is taken where necessary and complaint levels and trends are regularly reviewed and acted upon with the aim of further improving our complaint performance.